Will you help bring comfort, joy and connection to people with dementia?

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Your gift today will help give someone their sense of dignity and purpose back - and even help slow the progress of their dementia.

Blue Care staff always go above-and-beyond to make sure people with dementia feel connected and included. After the loneliness and isolation people have been through in the last couple of years, this will be especially important.

That's why we need your help today.

Your donation will go straight to work - funding programs that work wonders for people at any stage of dementia. You'll help:

  • train and support dementia care specialists
  • invest in innovative new technologies such as virtual reality and digital brain trainers
  • continue evidence-based art and music programs
  • provide simulated care therapies with pets and bionic dolls
  • make joyful experiences like tours and outings possible

After being locked down and isolated, your gift will help people with dementia feel active, connected and more like 'themselves' again.

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For Vera and her daughter Emma, the COVID restrictions this year haven't just been tough. They've been devastating.

Vera has dementia and when the lockdowns came, she lost her routine, daily stimulation and social contact.

Those things are vital for people with dementia and after just one week without them, Emma said Vera had noticeably declined. Which meant yet another precious part of her mum had slipped away, forever.

Nothing can bring back what Vera has lost. But you can help fund therapies that will slow the progress of dementia, and help people like Vera live well, for longer.

Your donation today can dramatically improve the lives of Queenslanders with dementia. Please give generously.

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can help recruit a person with the gentle nature and genuine care essential to support people with dementia.
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