Blue Care Sunday

23 August 2020

Join us on Blue Care Sunday, 23 August 2020 to remember and celebrate the Blue Care staff, volunteers and everyone who has helped Blue Care become what it is today. Most importantly, we remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have shared their time with us at Blue Care, as well as their family and friends.

For more than 65 years, one thing has continued to set Blue Care apart: our commitment to empowering Queenslanders to live life their way. Through a dedicated team of health professionals, Blue Care assists individuals and their families to enjoy the very best of care and support, in a nurturing and respectful environment.

Our story began from one person’s genuine desire to serve Queenslanders and improve the lives of those in need of care. On the 24th August, 1953, Sister Olive Crombie boarded a tram to visit a patient in their own home.This was the start of the Blue Nurse Service. A legacy we are thrilled to continue today.

However, it is because of tremendous support from the community’s generosity that allowed the “ministry of love and healing which the Sisters in Blue bring to home after home” to thrive.

Today, the gifts of compassionate people like you continues Sister Olive's legacy. With your help, more Queenslanders can receive the same holistic care, service and companionship that has been our hallmark since the beginning. 

Blue Care Sunday is a time for us all to remember the lifechanging legacy of Sister Oliver Crombie. A time to thank the Blue Care staff, volunteers and carers for life’s they continue to change each and every day. And a time to remember people and families that continue to need our help today.

Blue Care Sunday is a time to celebrate our community and thank all those who are committed to the very best health care for all Queenslanders.

Edna is a Blue Care resident who grew up on a dairy farm and has been gardening since she was a child. She’s 88 now, with a bit less vim and vigor than she once had.

It takes daily acts of kindness to keep older people like Edna thriving. Whether it’s building a garden, or organising a special bus trip, or just getting someone out of their room and into the sunshine for a few hours, helping people thrive is at the heart of Blue Care’s mission.

Thanks to the generous support of the community and the great work of staff and volunteers, people like Edna can live their golden years in happiness.

Sister Olive’s dedication to her patients lives on in the Blue Care team you know today with the same passion and dedication to support older people at home and care for patients who are vulnerable and alone.

As someone who is already familiar with Blue Care, I know that you understand the difference that kind, respectful care makes to a person who is vulnerable or elderly. The difference it makes to families who’s loved ones are in care.

But I wonder if you also know that Blue Care is a not-for-profit organisation? 

When it began, the Blue Nurse service charged a modest fee to those who could afford it, but relied on donations and gifts in wills from the community to support and expand the service.

Over the past five years, there has been a huge increase in people with high care needs who Blue Care look after.

It is a precious and cherished responsibility to go into a person’s home and nurse them. Our staff must be trained to care for people with all sorts of complex health problems, including disability and dementia.

But most importantly, Blue Care staff must have the desire to support older people as Olive Crombie did. They must work with respect and compassion – and treat every patient as they would want their own mum or dad to be treated.

Will you please donate today so Blue Care can continue empowering our communities to live rich and full lives wherever they are in Queensland?

Yes, I will continue the beautiful legacy of Sister Olive and the Blue Nurses.

Your gift today will empower your community to live rich and full lives wherever they are in Queensland

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