Help older Queenslanders
stay connected to the
people and things they love

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Please don’t let social distancing make life lonely for older Queenslanders.

It breaks my heart to think about the loneliness that many elderly people are feeling right now. You might also be worried about older people in your own family. We can’t give up on them, no matter how difficult things might be.

There are still good ways to help elderly people stay connected, engaged and happy, despite the physical distance. It just takes a bit of creative thinking and some changes to the way we do things.

It also takes money.

Will you please donate today so Blue Care can continue to look after our elderly – and do whatever it takes to make sure they feel loved and connected.

Bring love, life and connection to older Queenslanders. Make a donation today.

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can provide an elderly person with art and craft supplies to keep their mind active.
could go towards a ‘Smart TV on wheels’, so Blue Care residents can watch messages of support from loved ones and members of their community.
can help provide an elderly resident with their own TV, so they can stay connected with loved ones and the outside world during a full lockdown.

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